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PALPAY’s Service Offering

PALPAY’s platform features a range of services that can lead to a fast decrease of total cost of ownership and generate a quick return on investment.
Our services can be used by a wide range of companies, including telecommunication companies, mobile operators, Internet service providers (ISPs), utility companies, distribution-based companies, e-commerce companies, voucher distribution companies, microfinance institutions, and governments.

Pre-paid Cellular Top-Ups
This service is widely used by mobile telephone operators to top-up prepaid cellular credit. This service can also be used by other e-commerce-based companies to add credit to customer accounts.

E-Voucher Distribution
E-vouchers can be used by any pre-payment-based company, enabling customers to easily purchase and use client’s services. Some examples include mobile operators to distribute electronic vouchers for prepaid cellular credit, instead of using scratch cards, which are expensive and difficult to manage; landline telephone operators to distribute a wide range of products and services such as international calling cards, recharging of other services, and prepaid landline phones; Internet service providers to activate lines and distribute international VOIP calling cards. Finally, e-vouchers can also be used to activate and recharge accounts to purchase goods and services online.

Merchant Account Management Tool
Data shows that approximately 99 percent of mobile operators and their distributors suffer from the complexity of managing merchants’ accounts and requirements. PALPAY’s Merchant Account Management Tool provides a solution to this widespread problem.
The Merchant Account Management Tool allows merchants to manage their prepaid cellular top-up balances through any device connected to the PALPAY system. It provides for a dramatic reduction in the costs associated with physically sending representatives to recharge accounts or collect money from merchants.

Utility and Bill Payments
PALPAY’s platform is capable of handling the different needs and requirements demanded from utility companies and other post-paid companies in order to offer their end users a variety of options and flexibility when paying their bills and duties.
This service is resilient and flexible making it able to fit to any company requirements and conditions, easily and quickly. Further, given PALPAY’s ability to integrate with banks, this service not only reduces the costs of the bill payment and collection, it does it instantly, securely and reliably.
Money Collection

PALPAY’s bank integrated solution for wholesalers and distribution companies provides a unique, secure and instant way to collect merchant’s dues. Dues are instantly transferred to the companies’ bank account instantly, facilitating daily distribution in a cost-effective and secure manner.

PALPAY allows end consumers registered in our system to purchase goods, services, and pay their bills and duties online, securely and easily.

The E-Wallet customer account has been designed in a way that allows customers to recharge their accounts in various ways, suiting their requirements and needs. For example, someone without a bank account can recharge his/her E-Wallet through any PALPAY merchant point-of-sale. Likewise, customers with a bank account can recharge their E-Wallet by direct transfer from their bank account. Users are also able to recharge their E-Wallet accounts using any major credit card, including Visa and MasterCard.

Once customers have a charged E-Wallet, they can shop online for goods and services, pay their bills and dues, or top-up their prepaid cellular device.

E-Wallet users can also pay for physical purchases at any PALPAY merchant and transfer money to other PALPAY E-Wallet users.

These options may vary depending on country regulations.

Loyalty Points and Promotion Campaigns
PALPAY system provides top-of-the-line promotion and loyalty points campaigns. Through PALPAY, end users are able to track their individual accounts, including the total number of points collected, and are able to redeem their available points online. Merchants also can easily track the results from their campaigns. Through PALPAY, merchants can increase customer loyalty and satisfaction and generate additional business.

Merchant and Customer Advertisements and Announcements
PALPAY offers a way to communicate between the main operator, its merchants, and its end customers through the different outlets used within the platform. This important service is perfect for new products and features, sending instructions, or to announce new campaigns to merchants and customers.

Correction and Cancelation Management

PALPAY offers an easy to use and secure feature to correct and cancel transactions. These actions can also be automated using predefined specifications. The system can also manage full or partial corrections.